Facilities Committee 2016

Nolan Duce, Marc Jackson, Chuck Lisk, Michelle Olsen, Amity Butler,  Steve Zenovic, Steve Methner, Karen Ross, Jarred Blauser, Scott Harker, David Knechtel, Chris Riffle, Barry Burnett, Susan Shotthafer, Joshua Jones.

These are the guiding principles we have used for the last two facilities committees.

  1. Hold student success as the number one priority.
  2. Believe effective schools are communities of learners including teachers, staff, children, parents and the greater community.
  3. Responsive to the local community. Task Force members understand we can do more together than we can alone.
  4. PASD provides a well-rounded liberal arts education, and in many instances exceed state standards.
  5. Long-range planning recommendations build on our solid foundation.
  6. A new school configuration must meet the criteria of simplicity, fairness, transparency and acceptability to most families.
  7. A new school configuration must account for current demographics, flexibility and fiscal responsibility.
  8. A new school configuration must strengthen the District’s ability to deliver quality educational opportunities for all.
  9. A new school configuration must effectively address current family mobility realities.

Goals for planning process
Prioritize needs and potential solutions to determine the scope with the most value, best learning environment and make a recommendation to the Port Angeles School Board.

Meeting Dates

January 20, 2016                       CSB

January 27, 2016                       Stevens Art Room

February 3, 2016                       PAHS

February 10, 2016                     CSB

February 17, 2016                     Franklin


Meeting Times



Report to the Board

March 10, 2016

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January 20 at CSB
January 27 at Stevens Art Room
Februrary 3 at PAHS
February 10 at CSB
February 17th at Franklin