New Website Help

How to get help?

  • School Messenger offers unlimited support to Teachers and Staff via phone/ email.
  • Login to the School Messenger CustomerNet portal to find knowledge bases, documentation, and many other ways to make the best use of our new site.
  • Our districts Help Desk is always an option.

For Teacher/Staff login, you MUST be on the school that you are at.

Who to contact, if you notice an error on the new website?

Below you will find a series of help files for doing many of the basic tasks in
School Messenger.
Click on the video camera icon to play the video.
Video Tutorials: (linked from School Messenger's Customer Net)
Teacher Tutorials

1. Page Properties

1.1. How to create a Page

1.2. How to edit a Page

1.3. How to Use the Content Editor

1.3.1. How to Add and Edit Content

1.3.2. Adding Images in SharpSchool How to Add Images How to use the image map editor How to edit images

1.3.3. Adding Videos in SharpSchool

1.3.4. Adding Tables in SharpSchool

1.3.5. Inserting Documents

1.3.6. Creating Hyperlinks

1.4. How to apply the Release Schedule

1.5. Using Version History for your pages

1.6. How to Manage Sub-Pages

1.7. How to Delete Pages