Budget & Fiscal

District Mission

The Port Angeles School District creates and sustainslearning communities that prepare each student to live, work, and learnsuccessfully in a changing world.

This mission, through the district strategic plan, guidesevery aspect of the district's work.  The goal for the fiscal andbusiness operation is to provide optimum resources for instruction,through good stewardship and wise, goal-related planning.  This willallow us to allocate maximum resources to instruction, which will helpachieve our mission.

Budget Philosophy

The district will strive to maintain financial stability. Financial stability benefits all programs and operations of thedistrict. Financial stability depends on accurate enrollmentprojections, appropriate staffing to match enrollment, good fiscalplanning and control, and maintaining an appropriate balance betweenexpenditures and revenues at all levels

Budget Goals

  • Maintain cash reserves at 6%-8% of budgeted expenditures
  • Increase the percentage of expenditures for teaching and teaching support
  • Staff at a supportable level
  • Increase funding for technology
  • Move to decentralize more resources, responsibility and accountability
  • Work to increase efficiency of non-instructional district operations
  • Monitor revenues and expenditures throughout the budget year; make changes as necessary to meet the budget goals.

The allocation of resources should focus on instruction,be goals and needs driven, be related to the district’s strategic plan,and provide equity among programs and buildings.

Questions, comments or suggestions? Send an email to dknechtel@portangelesschools.org.