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Jefferson Elementary

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Our Vision

Jefferson shares the PASD vision “All Port Angeles School District students will reach high standards and graduate prepared with knowledge, skills and abilities to choose a successful future.”

Our Mission

Jefferson...a community where all students, staff, and families feel successful, valued, and connected by the joy of learning.

For more information on Jefferson Elementary School, click here to view Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Washington State Report Card information.

Reflections on the 2015-16 School Year

Students and staff tackled the new state assessment (Smarter Balanced Assessment) in 2015, and look forward to taking what they have learned to drive effective instruction moving forward. Highlights of the year included our launch of Wolf Slip Rewards, PTO Family events, NOLS Library visits for all grades, NatureBridge Outdoor Education for 6th grade, swimming lessons for 4th grade, and countless other enrichment opportunities and field trips. Amazing instruction and in-depth learning takes place in all classrooms, where students are challenged and their voice is heard in the decision making process.

Our students’ assessment scores demonstrated the following achievements:

In English Language Arts,

  • Grade 3 – 11.2% less level1 students than the state
  • Grade 4 – Higher percentage of students at level 4 than 3
  • Grade 5 – 30.4% level 2 – so close!
  • Grade 6 – Low income subgroup was within 6% of whole group meeting standard

In Math,

  • Grade 3 – 2% above the state; 66.6% of males met standard
  • Grade 4 – 66.7% at level 2 or level 3 (nearly identical as 2015); targeted intervention will move those level 2 to 3 and 3 to 4
  • Grade 5 – Males – 68% passed (43% above female)
  • Grade 6 – Low income subgroup within 0.4% of whole group

In Science,

  • 21.4% higher than the state
  • 86.7% met standard!

Plans for the 2016-17 School Year

Jefferson took a new approach to our Continuous School Improvement goals this year, restructuring all vertical teams to meet one specific goal area, all leading to closing the gap. Each certificated staff member is on a team focusing on math, English Language Arts (ELA), or culture & climate.

Culture & Climate Focus: In our third year, our Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) implementation team has morphed into a Culture & Climate team, focusing on students positive associations with school.

Mathematical Focus: Math remains the primary content focus for our fourth year, confirmed by data in grades third-sixth. As teachers determine how the curriculum fits with current assessment, teams will work to adjust instruction accordingly.

English Language Arts (ELA) Focus: The ELA vertical team has determined that writing fluency needs to be a school wide focus, as the reading proficiency is now so intertwined with writing that they cannot be separated. Using Jim Wright’s Curriculum Based Measurement: Written-Expression Fluency Norms, all classes will begin three minutes of ‘free writing’, with students documenting words per minute and charting their progress. Response To Intervention (RTI) continues as grades K-5 for 30 minutes per day, with LAP funds allowing an additional para hour to support these efforts. After school tutoring may be an option if needed for students requiring intervention.

Closing The Gap: Our previous three goal areas inherently lend themselves to closing the achievement gap among those students currently meeting standard, and those that are not. Resources poured specifically into this goal are on-going PBIS Tier 1 & 2 interventions; daily reading RTI; after school 3rd grade reading group; the addition of a 4.5 hour math paraeducator; after school tutoring for grades 4-6; homework club; and on-going data analysis through DIBELS, STAR, DRA, MAP, and curriculum based assessments.

Enrichment Opportunities: Math Olympiad offered for 5th/6th grades; Wolf Pack Student Council; Worm Bins & Compost for 4th & 5th grades, coordinated through parent volunteers; swimming lessons for 4th grade students in the spring via PTO & PAEF Grant; 6th grade outdoor education offered at NatureBridge for three days/two nights, May 22-24, 2017; Young Writers Conference for 1st-6th grade students March 2017 at Peninsula College, sponsored by PTO; 5th Grade/Kindergarten Reading Buddies; 4th Grade/Kindergarten Reading/Writing Buddies; 6th/1st Writing Buddies; Poetry Slam-6th grade; Story People; 1st – 4th grades Pen Pal program with Japan; 4th Grade Battle of the Books through NOLS.

Professional Development

Professional development will revolve around English Language Arts, math, and strengthening the culture and climate, all which lead to closing the achievement gap. Reading focus will be through the non-fiction CLOSE reading strategies of Kylene Beers and Robert and writing fluency through the free materials of Jim Wright at Intervention Central. Math will focus on the eight mathematical practices.

School Climate

Recent Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) data shows 95% of staff value and respect all students (Cultural Responsiveness); 96% of staff feel students are engaged in learning. (Supportive Learning Environment); 100% of staff know and understand the goals of this school (Clear & Shared Focus).

Outreach and Feedback

Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed, but not all children learn in the same way at the same time. The parents, friends of Jefferson students and our community are all instrumental in providing the additional support that makes learning at Jefferson motivating and rewarding. We need your support to continue our rich history of an elementary school that cares for kids and celebrates success. Please call us at 360.457.4231 if you would like more information about volunteer opportunities.

Use and Condition of Building

Jefferson, which was completely renovated, re-opened in 2003. The facility supports kindergarten through grade six classrooms, as well as outdoor fields for district and community recreation. The physical evaluation of this educational facility is rated 90% based on a January 7, 2008 study and survey by BLRB Architects. Facility Use and Conditions Report available at the Port Angeles School District office.

Jefferson Statistics 2015 - 16
Enrollment (FTE) 347
Smallest Class 20
Largest Class 25
Average Class Size 23
Classroom Teachers (FTE) 19.6
Support Staff (FTE) 2.85
Administrators (FTE) 1
Secretaries (FTE) 1.14
Paraeducators 14
Custodians 1.5
Food Services 3
Volunteers 143
Avg. Annual Attendance 94.69%
Suspended 43
Expelled 0
Students Promoted 100%
Free/Reduced Lunch 62.5%
Title I/Lap school-wide
Special Education 55
Bilingual 14
Highly Capable 12

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Port Angeles School District Report Card,reportcard.ospi.k12.wa.us.

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jefferson Elementary School Report Card

Fourth Grade Assessment 2013-16
Measurement of Student Progress (MSP), Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA)

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) data

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Citizen Complaints-Federal Programs

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