Continous Improvement Plan

By clicking the links below, the reports for all Port Angeles School District schools can be accessed to obtain each school improvement plan and current reports. Note: These are large files and may take additional time to load.

Continuous School Improvement Plans and Continuous School Improvement Plan Reports

Board of Directors' Continuous Improvement Plan


Over time the School Board of Directors and District staff have been working to create and revise school improvement plans and a district-wide plan annually. 

During 2000-01 numerous community forums were held to assist the board in identifying District priorities for its educational program.  The acquisition of Gates Foundation support created the need for reinvention provisions.  During 2001-02 the school improvement plans, Gates grant plans, and Title 1 plans were blended in to a different format designed to respond to the breadth of planning purposes existing then.

In September 2002 a newly revised WAC adopted by the State Board of Education became effective. WAC 180-16-220 requires the Board of Directors to ensure that each school in the District has in place a school improvement plan.  While the plan format is not prescribed, necessary content areas are descried in this State Board rule. 

During winter and spring 2002-03, a small task force was assembled and worked to review the District’s planning structure.  The group was asked to examine the various plans and plan formats from past years, and to develop a single structure from those various plans.  The task force was asked not to change plans’ contents, but rather reorganize existing content in a coherent fashion.  The board approved the restructured strategic plan goals and objectives in August 2003.

Principals invested considerable time with data analysis consultants’ assistance at the Summer Administrative Institute to update school plans with current state and local performance assessment results.  School teams then worked on the plans during August and September.  Plans were submitted for team reviews in September, and revised during October.  A rubric was developed to support school teams’ and Central Services staff analysis and support of the plan completion process.  The schools’ Continuous School Improvement Plans and Central Services Continuous Improvement Plan was used throughout 2005-06 to guide the work of the District.

Board members review CSIP key elements included in the reports from principals and support services leaders. The summary report format includes reference to three key objectives accompanied by action plans, an analysis of key progress, barriers, support needs and adjustments experienced in the Continuous School Improvement Plans implementation.  The reporting format retains an intentional focus on two objectives across the District.  This intentional focus enables us to become more coherent as a system, supporting more effective mobilization of resources and prioritization of time.  The third objective addressed in each report was chosen by the school staff writing the report.  It is important to balance a coherent system focus and a site-centered, data-driven focus.  Professional development and assessment systems are expected to support the three objectives on which they’ve reported.